Menu items in this category are sold by quantities determined by the item, check each menu item for size and pricing.


Chilled Mini Antipasto Skewers
Small $40 (14” platter) approx. 22 pcs. Large $68 (18” platter) approx. 42 pcs
Little skewers of wet mozzarella balls, roasted pepper, provolone and hard salami served on skewers displayed on a platter.
Tomato Bruschetta Platter
Small $18 (14” platter) Large $28 (18” platter) Grande $70 (36” oval)
Finely diced plum tomato, basil, olive oil, red wine vinegar served on crostini.
Chicken Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce                                                                                                                                                                                       Small $40 (14” platter) approx. 22 pcs. Large $68 (18” platter) approx. 42 pcs                                                                                                                     Grilled Asian marinated chicken skewers with a spicy peanut dipping sauce.
Crab and Avocado Crostini                                                                                                                                                                                                             Small $55 (14” platter) approx. 22 pcs. Large $78 (18” platter) approx. 42 pcs                                                                                                               Crab, avocado and lemon with diced pepper and shallots and made with a light vinaigrette then tossed gently and served on sliced baguette crostini.
Coconut Shrimp Platter
Small $75 (14” platter) approx. 36 pcs. Large $110 (18” platter) approx. 58 pcs.
Jumbo shrimp in a coconut crusted coating served with sweet Asian chili sauce.

Chafing Dishes

Arancine with tomato sauce for dipping
Small $32 (HALF PAN) Large $58 (FULL PAN)
Bite size fried, cheese stuffed rice balls made with Arborio rice and Asiago cheese served with tomato sauce on the side.
Mozzarella Cheese Moons with tomato sauce for dipping
Small $40 (HALF PAN) Large $60 (FULL PAN)
Homemade moon shaped fried breaded cheese made with provolone cheese served with tomato sauce on the side.
Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers
Small $60 (HALF PAN) Large $85 (FULL PAN)
Zesty battered jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese and served with Pico di Gallo on the side.
Breaded Italian Zucchini Sticks
Small $32 (HALF PAN) Large $58 (FULL PAN)
Seasoned breaded zucchini sticks served with tomato sauce on the side
Mini Chesapeake crab cakes with remoulade sauce
Small $60 (HALF PAN) Large $85 (FULL PAN)
Homemade jumbo lump crab meat cakes served with our signature remoulade sauce on the side.


small serves 4-7    medium serves 8-12    large serves 15-20

Garden Salad
Small 20    med 45    large 70
Mixed Artisan greens with cucumber, mini heirloom tomato, croutons, sweet red onion served with our sundried tomato balsamic vinaigrette.
Spinach Salad
Small 24    med 50    large 90
Baby spinach leaves, sliced red onion, fresh strawberries, candied pecans with poppy seed buttermilk dressing.
Caprice Salad
Small 32    medium 44     large 65
Sliced ripe tomato, sliced fresh mozzarella and shaved fresh basil with extra virgin olive oil, and balsamic reduction.
Italian Seafood Salad
Small 85   med 120    large 200
Tender Calamari, octopus, conch and shrimp tossed in a lemon garlic dressing made with crisp celery and house roasted peppers.
FDB Signature Shredded Slaw
Small 20    med 32    large 45
Our famous signature Cole slaw made with poppy seed dressing, anise, sliced green onions, red and white cabbage.
Greek Salad
Small 24    med 50    large 90
Mixed Artisan greens with cucumber, mini heirloom tomato, croutons, sweet red onion, ripe Kalamata olives, crumbled feta cheese and sliced banana peppers with a balsamic dressing
Blue Ridge Salad
Small 18    med 40    large 85
Romaine, glazed pecans, dried cranberries, apple, and gorgonzola served with a raspberry vinaigrette  
Chilled Bowtie Pasta Salad
Small 32    medium 44     large 65
Bowtie pasta, diced tomato, quartered artichoke hearts, sweet bell peppers, sweet red onion, shaved fresh basil, sliced black olives, baby spinach, golden Italian vinaigrette.


Small serves 8-12    large serves 15-20

Club Spinach
Small 22   Large 45
Wilted baby spinach topped with homemade croutons, Applewood smoked bacon and melted sharp cheddar cheese.
Sautéed Vegetable Medley
Small 25   Large 45
Julien zucchini, yellow squash, sweet bell peppers sautéed in extra virgin olive oil and with garlic.
Italian Meatballs
Small 35   Large 60
Neapolitan-style Italian meatballs in our marinara sauce.
Buttered Egg Pasta
Small 19 Large 32
Egg pasta, butter, fresh Italian parsley.
Roasted Balsamic Vegetables
Small 25    Large 45
balsamic marinated yellow squash, zucchini, sweet bell peppers, baby eggplant: fire grilled and served with fresh herbs.
Oven Roasted Lyonnaise Potatoes
Small 25    Large 45
Special baby fingerling potatoes roasted with sweet onions, butter and smoked paprika sprinkled with fresh chopped Italian parsley.


Small serves 8-12    Large serves 15-20

Chicken Cutlet Milanese
Small 42    Large 80
Tender boneless chicken cutlets with a light Italian breading, fresh Italian parsley, parmesan cheese, lemon wedges on the side.
Chicken Marsala
Small 48    Large 95
Tender morsels of boneless breast of chicken, Marsala wine sauce, mushrooms, fresh herbs.
Italian Sausage & Peppers
Small 40    Large 70
Sweet Italian sausage, multi-color bell peppers, onion and tomato sauce.
Eggplant Rolatini
Small 40    Large 70
Delicate eggplant cutlets rolled & stuffed with a blend of ricotta & grated Pecorino Romano cheese, fresh Italian parsley, homemade marinara sauce.
Chicken Picatta
Small 48    Large 95
Tender morsels of boneless breast of chicken, lemon butter & white wine sauce, capers.
Cabernet-Braised Short Ribs
Small 120    Large 205
Beef short ribs with exotic mushrooms over grilled gorgonzola polenta cakes or potato gnocchi    


Natoli’s Deli Platter
small 120 (serves 15)    large 225 (serves 25)
prosciutto ham, Soprasatta salami, sliced smoked ham, grilled chicken breast, provolone cheese, American cheese, Gruyere cheese fresh mozzarella, tuna salad, chicken salad, roasted red peppers, romaine leaf, sliced tomato, condiments, sliced whole wheat, long sub rolls, scratch made focaccia and crusty baguettes.
Assorted Vegetable Crudités
Small 38   large 65
An assortment of crisp chilled veggies, gorgonzola cheese dressing.
Assorted Cheese & Charcuterie Platter
Small 100 (serves 15)    Large 190 (serves 25)
Table cheeses, assorted cured meats, olives, and eggplant copanada served with assorted crostini and crackers.
Sliced fresh Fruit Platter
Small 58 (serves 15)    Large 78 (serves 25)
A variety of freshly sliced seasonal fruit.


Small serves 8-12    large serves 15-20

Penne Marinara
Small 28   Large 50
imported penne, homemade marinara sauce, grated Pecorino Romano cheese.
Baked Ziti
Small 35   Large 60
Imported penne, homemade marinara sauce, ricotta, parmesan, shredded mozzarella cheese, baked into a casserole.
Penne alla Vodka
Small 35   Large 60
imported penne, diced prosciutto ham, pink tomato cream vodka sauce.
Farfalla with Grilled Chicken and Cream Sauce                                                                                                                                                                   Small 40   Large 65
imported bowtie pasta,grilled chicken breast, in a cream sauce mede with three types of cheese.
Baked Manicotti
Small 35   Large 60
light pasta crepes stuffed with creamy ricotta
cheese & provolone, tomato sauce,
Crabmeat Mac & Cheese
Small 60 Large 100
Lump crab meat baked into a four cheese cavatappi pasta casserole melted mozzarella cheese.
Gnocchi Bolognaise
Small 40   Large 70
Italian potato dumpling pasta with a rich meat and tomato sauce made with bacon, ground beef and ground sausage.


Tuscan Wraps 8.50 each

 mix & match any Tuscan wrap combination with a minimum of 6

The Vegetariani Wrap
Artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, sliced tomato, crisp fresh baby spinach, sliced provolone cheese, olive oil & lemon vinaigrette.
The Pollo Caesar Wrap 
Seasoned grilled chicken breast, crisp romaine, sliced tomato, Pecorino
Romano cheese, side of Caesar dressing.
Campos con Pollo Wrap 
Grilled balsamic marinated chicken breast, feta cheese, sliced Roma tomato, romaine, marinated artichoke hearts, balsamic dressing.
Peasant Chicken Wrap
all white meat chicken salad made with finely diced crisp celery, diced sweet red 
bell peppers, served with pesto herb mayonnaise, lettuce and sliced tomato.

Rustic Baguette Platter 8.00 each
mix & match any rustic Italian sandwich combination with a minimum of 6
Cold Italian Baguette
Ham, salami, provolone, artesian greens, sliced tomato, Italian dressing
The Tuscan Piggy Baguette
Prosciutto, Soprasatta fire roasted peppers, provolone and crisp artesian greens.

 Focaccia Platter 9.00 each
mix & match any Panini sandwich combination with a minimum of 6
Tuscan Delight Focaccia 
Thinly sliced turkey breast, cranberry aioli, crisp romaine, sliced tomato.
Milano Chicken Focaccia
Chilled breaded chicken cutlets, sliced fresh mozzarella, fire roasted red
Monticello Focaccia 
Shaved Virginia ham, Gruyere Cheese and Caramelized onion jam with Dijon honey mustard spread.
Fairfax Focaccia
Fire grilled chicken breast, fresh mozzarella, tomato, and basil with balsamic reduction  


Assorted Cookie Tray
By the dozen: 18.00 each doz.
An assortment of gourmet cookies
Mini Cannoli
By the dozen: 24.00 each doz.
Ricotta filled mini cannoli.
Assorted Brownies
By the dozen: 30.00 each doz.Type your paragraph here.

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